Lip Enhancement

30 MIN
Lip Enhancement


Whether you are looking for just a touch of volume or all-out luscious glamour, we have a lip treatment for you. We use HA (hyaluronic acid) fillers for all of our lip enhancement procedures. HA fillers provide a smooth and supple consistency to allow for natural looking results with enough structure to provide a beautiful and proportionate shape. Voila! Instantly beautiful custom made lips. The goal is for you to look like you, only better.
Prices & Packages
Mini Lip $495-595
A subtle touch of volume for fuller more defined lips. $100 extra for the premium except for
Mini Lip Plus $695-795
Everything you love about the Mini Lip with just a little bit extra! Starting at $595, Premium fillers are $100 additional.
Signature Lip $795-895
Our classic lip enhancement for beautifully enhanced lips with natural-looking results. Starting at $749, Premium fillers are $100 additional.
Ultimate Lip $950
For the serious lip lover! Our signature lip enhancement utilizes a custom layering technique for the ultimate results.
Lip Line Eraser - Smoothing Treatment $950
Make your lip lines disappear! Perfect for adding subtle definition and long-lasting hydration to the lips while softening the fine lines around the mouth.
Common Questions
Lip fillers aren’t permanent and dissolve naturally over time. Depending on which filler you choose, the results of the injections can last from six months to over a year.
Yes! All Juvederm and Restylane products are FDA approved. A reputable Board Certified doctor wouldn’t use something that isn’t.
The amount of filler you get is ultimately up to you, and you can tell your provider what you want, but he or she will should create a treatment plan that is right for you. It really comes down to whether you want a plumper pout or just add some subtle volume.
The injections may cause some slight discomfort during the procedure, but it’s nothing to worry too much about.
After the swelling goes down, your lips shouldn’t feel any different if the procedure is done correctly. Your lips will feel like your lips, just plumper!

Before and Afters